Podcast: “I’m a leader, how do I communicate that to employers?”

Don Jones, one of my friends from Pluralsight, invited me to an interesting conversation he was going to have with a job seeker. This guy had plenty of leadership skills but wasn’t quite sure how to best communicate that in his job search.

Listen here:

Jjason Alba Don Jones Job Search Podcast

This conversation was only 39 minutes… and I got a chance to talk through job search strategy and tactics. We talked about personal branding, of course, and a bunch of things that I think will help you in your job search.

You can either play it in your browser, or on a podcast service, or just download it from Don’s page, here:


Podcast: “I’m a leader, how do I communicate that to employers?” published first on https://skillsire.weebly.com/

Author: Brenda Fludd

The world is changing and the speed of changes is increasing every day. There is a time in our lives when we realize that we can not rely on others to bring us what we want and need in our life. I am a lifestyle coach and my mission is to help people discover their inner power and guide them on their path to freedom, success and how to design our luxury lifestyle. I offer courses on how to be successful in online and home based business. How to design your personal freedom. And I also offer personal mentorship. Take care and enjoy

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